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NOMANO has a dual personality - not only are we a top-management consultancy but we also produce and distribute our own wine. Dr. Henrik Czurda - owner of NOMANO - is a senior, top-management professional at the intersection of strategy, technology, and innovation in a rapidly digitizing world. Integrity, respect, and results for the customer are our core values:

- Integrity means making clear distinctions between right and wrong, and doing the right thing. In so doing, we present our skills honestly and openly. This creates mutual trust.

- We know that respect requires sincerity and empathy, and we deal with each other with complete transparency; in doing so, we promote constructive criticism and continuous mutual learning.

- We are committed to achieving results that significantly exceed their investment. Therefore, not only do we develop and present ideas and concepts, but also ensure measurable results, which we can also measure ourselves against.

As a wine enthusiast, passionate cook, and food lover he dreamed of having his own vineyard. In November 2014, he grabbed an opportunity and acquired a beautiful piece of land in Győrszemere, with an excellent wine-growing rating. For Henrik it was clear; he was excited to take his skills, values, and attitudes like dedication, innovation, and a passion for excellence which were generated and honed during his professional life and transfer them on to winegrowing and vinification.

+41 79 207 62 30

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