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* Costes

One MICHELIN Star: High quality cooking, worth a stop!

Set on the ground floor of the Prestige Hotel, this strikingly decorated restaurant brings nature inside with a living wall and ceiling; ask for one of the booths or sit at the chef’s table for a view of the kitchen. Menus showcase Hungarian ingredients and flavours are gutsy and well-defined.

After the successful opening its first restaurant in Raday street in 2008 which under Miguel Rocha Vieira’s leadership, a Portuguese-born chef, reached a milestone two years later as it became one of the first restaurants in Central and Eastern Europe to earn a Michelin Star, initiating the Hungarian gastronomy evolution, which since then gives habitat to another five Michelin starred restaurants, being one of them the Costes Downtown restaurant, the new chapter of Costes Group opened in 2015.

“A perfect restaurant is unlikely to be
-given that taste is subjective-
however, we shall strive for excellence
without compromise.”

+36 20 926 78 37

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