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Faces of Riesling with a highly ranked CZURDA

In April 2023, the Borsmenta Tasting Club got to know the faces of Riesling at the Open Workshop. We opened with the Pálffy - Köveskál Winery's 2021 pet-nate, then tasted a quiet, dry lot from the Badacsony (Gilvesy Winery, Sabar Wine House), Pannonhalma (CZURDA Vineyard at Győrszemere), Pécs (Szabó Winery) and Szekszárd (Prantner Winery) wine regions. The last three lots showed the sweeter side of the variety: the I. Primus from Cseri Winery in Pannonhalmi was followed by the 2017 Menádok from Nyakas Winery. We closed the evening with another 2017 vintage, the late-harvest Rajnai Riesling from Gál Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet.

The club members voted for their favourites, in the following order:

1. Gilvesy Tarányi Rajnai Rizling (2020)

2. Sabar Hercegföld Rajnai Rizling (2022)

3. CZURDA Riesling- ha szárazon szereted, Pannonhalmi Rajnai Riesling (2021)

Congratulations and thank you to the nine wineries for showing their wines!

Here you may buy the CZURDA Riesling- ha szárazon szereted

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