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CZURDA Riesling
Sweet temptation, 2019

This is neither a Welschriesling nor a typical dry Rhine Riesling in the Hungarian style; this is a CZURDA Riesling.


CZURDA Riesling is a light, straw-yellow colour, forming an elegant blend of ripe fruits such as apricot, peach, pineapple, mango, and lime with a pleasing minerality. The fruit flavours are full-bodied and elegant, clean without fuss. The wine tastes sweet, but this is perfectly balanced by an acidic structure. It is very refreshing while also offering a long finish. 


The first vintage from this small vineyard in Győrszemere was 2019. Only 1,080 bottles have been generated so far, but this number will increase. The production area is located near Pannonhalma, where the Benedictine Abbey supports the good reputation of Hungarian Rieslings. However, this wine is quite different to the norm.

Our grapes grow in a mineral-rich soil of loess and limestone on young, five-year-old vines. We harvest relatively late in the season, by hand. The fruit is pressed as a whole grape and fermented with Mosel yeast for more than nine months. Wooden barrels are not used here; the wine emerges fresh and crisp out of steel tanks. The wine contains 7.2 g/l acid and 31.5 g/l sugar. Some call it ‘spring water’ because it contains only 11% alcohol.

We recommend not drinking it too cold, but rather at cellar temperature. Due to the many food-matching possibilities, our wine is never boring.

HUF 5 200

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