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CZURDA Riesling
If you like it dry, 2021

It was 16th in Winelovers Hungarian Wine’s Top 100 list of dry white wines, got 92 points by Robert Parker in the first run, and wine journalists turned into fans. After the overwhelming success of our first dry CZURDA Riesling last year, which was more or less an experiment, this year I decided to make CZURDA Riesling If you like it dry from half the must.

The 2021 CZURDA Riesling If you like it dry delivers the usual elegance, with ripe fruits like apricot, pear, and pineapple dancing on the nose, and it’s spiced with a hint of thyme. The dried fruit aroma comes from grapes and raisins harvested late in October but not botrytised. The bright acidity perfectly rounds and supports the complexity of the flavours, coupled with a nice minerality. Clean, precise, classic, and complex with a decidedly long finish. It is thus elegant, light and well balanced.

Our Geisenheimer clones are grown in vineyards with loess and limestone soils. The slope is steep and south-facing, with optimal sunshine and warm winds that dry the autumn moisture, mean a reduced use of pesticides, and allow the grapes to remain on the vine for a long time. The strong aromas reflect all this.

In fact, this is the same late harvest must that we use for our CZURDA Riesling Sweet Temptation. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand. The fruit is pressed whole and fermented for over six months with yeast from the Mosel. No wooden barrels are used; instead, the wine comes out of steel tanks fresh, crisp, and full of aroma. Acidity is 6.6 g/l, sugar 5.5 g/l and alcohol 13%. In 2021 we produced 750 bottles of our Riesling If you like it dry, sealed with both screw caps and corks.

Enjoy dry CZURDA Riesling as an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes, including veal, poultry, and pork, as well as an infinite number of vegetarian and fish dishes. I guarantee you won't get bored!


Price 8 400 HUF

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