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CZURDA Riesling 2018

The most valuable wines are the dessert wines, made by letting the grapes hang long beyond the usual harvest time. These concentrated wines are sweeter yet have high acidity so they can thus balance the sweetness. They are a concentration of taste and complexity. These elements make our wines one of those most coveted among the white wines.

Our very first wine is, of course, still a baby, but it already has these aromatic qualities. However, they are not yet fully formed like his elegant brothers from the Mosel or Slovakia. It’s a light and wholesome wine, with low alcohol content and a well-balanced sugar-acidity-relationship.


A delightful, elegant marriage of fresh, fine citrus, white-fleshed peach, jasmine, mango, and honey combined with an acacia blossom touch and delicate acidity. Beautifully wide in the palate; round, full, and aroma-rich with a long finish.

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