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We will have a new opportunity for Horeca to increase their convenience


This is an app for restaurants in Hungary so that they can order CZURDA Riesling in a convenient and easy manner.


This app is free of charge


The app consists of the following parts: Information about the CZURDA Rieslings and all the news you can also find on the website. In addition, you can request the CZURDA Rieslings very easily with a few clicks. In the app do not buy the wine, but you trigger an order to the distributor, who will then sell you the available wines. To make this easy and hassle-free, we ask you to save all your relevant data (including your permit or your opening hours for deliver) to the restaurant, which will be provided with each order. Of course, you will also see all your existing orders and have all the contact information if you would have a specific question.

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